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Ariens snowblowers

Full line of Ariens snowblowers now in stock. Full service also.

String Trimmers

String Trimmers

Ariens® String Trimmers get at those places a Walk-Behind mower can't for a clean, manicured-looking lawn. This model works especially well getting to hard to reach spots under bushes and fences, with a trimming head that pivots up to 15 degrees to the left and right.

Walk Behind Mowers

Walk Behind Mowers

Ariens® Residential Walk-Behinds make short work of yard work. Afterall, they're engineered to be tough on unruly lawns but easy on you. They feature adjustable handlebars, safe and upright operator's zone starting, and the 3-in-1 system that lets you quickly convert from bagging to mulching to side-discharge. An ergonomically designed machine, the SLM 21 is perfect for smaller yards.

Power Brushes

The Reviews are in. The All-Season Power Brush wins in a clean sweep.

The Professional Power Brush puts an entirely new spin on cleaning up fluffy snowfalls and light snow dustings. Use year-round for your spring yard cleaning chores, summer yard work, and to quickly dispatch your autumn leaves. The flexible bristles conform to the surface, making the Power Brush perfect for uneven cobblestone walkways, brick sidewalks, or bumpy stone paths.

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