Massey Ferguson 

We've proudly sold and serviced Massey Ferguson's line of Diesel Compact Tractors for 15+ years!

We stock:

The GC1700 Series (22.5-25hp range)

The 1526 Series (24HP)

The 1800E Series (24-39.4hp)

The 1800M Series (36-39.4hp)

& The 2800E Series (48.4-57.3hp)

For any questions about Massey Ferguson Tractors you can Call 607-272-3492 or Email us at
You can also visit their up to date website at: for more information!

*Please note, due to unexpected complications that have occurred this year tractor availability is limited. We haven't gotten completely restocked yet*

Picture of a GC1725M with a Front Loader helping around the house!

Picture of a GC1725MB doing some digging!

Picture of a MF1526 Tractor with a Front Loader!

Picture of the New MF1825E tractor!

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